Identifying The Rating of Your Existing Boiler

December 12, 2009

The newly introduced boiler scrappage scheme will see households with a G-rated boiler (the lowest efficiency level) receive £400 towards a new boiler or renewable heat unit. With new boilers costing anything between £600 and £3,000 this incentive comes as a welcome saving, but how do you find out if you have a G-rated boiler and so potentially benefit from the boiler scrappage scheme?

Does my Boiler Qualify?

Full details have yet to emerge about exactly how the scheme will operate, but with an estimated £4.5m boilers in the UK being G rated, it may help to start researching your new boiler now as the £50m put aside by the Government means only 125,000 households can benefit.

The consumer reviews company Which? have a Boilers Buying Guide providing detailed reviews on 53 of the most popular central heating boilers on the market today.

Energy comparison website uSwitch calculates that a modern efficient boiler can save up to £235 a year on heating bills, meaning a new boiler along with the boiler scrappage incentive could soon pay for itself!

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