This Winter Make Sure Your Boiler is Covered by an Approved Maintenance Policy

October 9, 2012

Early this year a two-year old boy died in an explosion in his home in Lancashire. Neighbouring homes also suffered serious structural damage making them unsafe for habitants. The street scene depicted one of the blitz during WW2.

The reason for this tragic and terrible event was a boiler. More specifically, a boiler which had been inspected by unqualified gas fitter.

This type of tragic event are a rarity for homeowners, however boiler inspections and maintenance work carried out by unqualified personnel and rogues alike do occur – too often. Older, inefficient boilers are more likely to require maintenance work, especially during the winter period when homeowners put greater demands on their boiler for necessary hot water and central heating.

The boiler is the heart of your home. Its your family’s best friend (2nd to the pet dog of course!) Firing up a boiler on-demand to meet your family’s hot water and heating requirements. It is an essential component of you home, yet still too many homeowners are neglectful when it comes to the maintenance of their boiler. Its only when the inevitable break-down occurs does anybody do anything about their boiler. This is too late.

It is essential home owners ensure their boiler is covered by warranty or maintenance policy which is provided by an approved gas fitter company. Furthermore, new energy efficient boilers, including combi boilers require next-to-no maintenance being new and should also be covered by an approved maintenance policy, so in the event of break-down, you have piece of mind that the repair work is just a phone call away.

Keep your family safe this winter with an energy efficient boiler with an approved maintenance policy.

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