Boiler Cover

January 18, 2015

Winter can be the most demanding time for your boiler so to make sure it doesn’t let you down when you need it most its recommended to have regular maintenance checks.  But should it let you down its best to have cover in place so that your not hit with a big bill right when you don’t need it.

There are various boiler cover policies out there, you just need to choose the right one to suit you.

*Boiler Only Cover – This will cover just the boiler itself against breakdown and will not cover your radiators or pipes

*Boiler and Central Heating Cover – This will cover your boiler and your central heating system (pipes and radiators)

* Home Emergency – This generally covers anything in your home including your boiler, however if your boiler needs replacing the pay outs are low so you may not get the money you need.  If the boiler and the central heating are your main concern then Boiler and Central Heating Cover is probably the best option for you.

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