Save money and keep warm this winter

January 28, 2015

Follow our top tips for keeping warm this winter and saving money at the same time.

1.  Switch energy supplier – chances are if you have been with the same supplier for over 12 months that there is money to be saved by changing supplier.  Use a comparison site such as USwitch to find the best deals for you.

2.  Cut out the drafts – check your windows and doors to make sure they are draft free, heavy curtains will stop most drafts

3.  Time your heating – set your heating to come on around 30 minutes before you go out and for it to go off around 30 minutes before you leave

4.  Reposition the sofa – if your sofa or furniture is right in front of the radiator then you are wasting money heating something that doesn’t need heating.  Keep furniture away from radiators so that when the heating comes on you feel the full effect.

5.  Get out the house – If your not at home then you don’t need the heating on.  Make regular visits to see family and friends or get involved in a hobby which gets you out.  Being out for a couple of days a week over winter can save you a fortune on heating costs.

6  Switch off the radiators – if a room isn’t used regularly then switch off the radiator in that room and shut the door

7.  Layer up – don’t rely on one big woolly jumper to keep you warm, wearing lots of thin layers keeps you warmer by trapping the air in between layers

8.  Exploit your oven – when you’ve finished cooking leave the oven door open, the leftover heat will warm your kitchen up nicely

9.  Use tin foil – put tin foil behind your radiators, particularly on external walls, this will help reflect the heat back into the room

10.  Have a duvet day – duvets don’t just belong in the bedroom, take it in your living room and get cosy and warm on the sofa

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