G-rated Radiation Boiler Efficiency Ratings

Please find below the current list of Radiation boilers which are g-rated and therefore eligible for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

If your boiler is not listed here, please contact your manufacturer directly to ensure your boiler is not g-rated.

Check the efficiency rating
of your current boiler:

G-rated Radiation Boiler List:

Model BoilerID Fuel Efficiency
Fuelsaver 12cf 4104705 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 12cf/2 4104709 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 12rs 4104704 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 15cf 4104703 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 15rs 4104702 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 15rs/2 4104708 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 9cf 4104711 Gas 65%
Fuelsaver 9rs 4104710 Gas 65%

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