Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme

The Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme may have ended but you can still get great discounts and attractive offers from nationwide boiler suppliers including Carillion (formally EAGA Heat), therefore saving homeowners money!

Double Your Money…and Keep Warm!

But the saving doesn’t stop there. Industry experts have stated that replacing an inefficient G-rated boiler with a new energy efficient A-rated boiler could save homeowners around £200 per year in fuel costs. It has been estimated that the replacement of 5,000 old G-rated boilers is the equivalent of removing around 1,700 cars off Scottish roads and highways.

“Home energy use accounts for nearly one-third of Scotland’s carbon emissions, so it is essential that homeowners are given every opportunity to make their homes more energy efficient if Scotland is to play its part in tackling the climate change.” Stated Elizabeth Leighton, Senior Policy Officer at WWF Scotland, and continued; “At the same time it will create jobs and contribute to efforts to eradicate fuel poverty. We believe this scrappage scheme must be seen as part of an overall effort to make all of Scotland’s homes low carbon – warm and healthy – by 2020.”